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  • All donations to MAVAC are tax-deductible. 

  • Every gift helps us to continue to serve the community.

  • You can donate to MAVAC electronically using Zelle or check by mail.


To send a check by mail, please use the following mailing address: 

2 Peck St

P.O. Box 132

Marathon, NY 13803

More Information About How to Use ZELLE® To Donate to MAVAC

Zelle is a computer application that enables you to electronically send and receive money to and from people you know. Once you enroll in Zelle, you only need the preferred email address or mobile phone number of the intended recipient to donate money.

Zelle is offered by over ninety (90) banks and credit unions in the United States, including Capital One, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America. To get started, make sure you’re enrolled in your bank’s mobile banking app. Go to your bank’s website or call their help line to find out how to do that.

Then, log into your mobile banking account and follow the directions to select the “Zelle” service. To send money using Zelle, you simply select the recipient from your mobile device’s contacts (or add a new recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number), enter the amount you’d like to send, review, then hit “confirm.” For MAVAC, you’d use

The money you send goes directly from your bank account to the recipient’s bank account (even if it’s in a bank different from yours), and the funds are available in minutes. There’s no fee, no checks to write, and the transaction is secure. Once you send money to a particular person or entity (such as MAVAC), their information is saved in your Zelle account so making future donations is easy: log into your online banking account and go to the Zelle service, click on the MAVAC name, and enter the amount you want to give.

For additional information or support, go to

*ZELLE® is a trademark owned by Early Warning Services, LLC.

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