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Our Story...


For over fifty years, the Marathon Fire Department Emergency Squad operated as an all-volunteer EMS agency. In spite of a rich history of service since its formation in 1948, the emergency squad faced critical manpower shortages in the late 1990s due to a lack of volunteer EMTs available during the daytime hours. MAVAC was created when the ambulance service separated from the fire department to form a not-for-profit organization that could hire career paramedics and bill for patient services.


MAVAC’s mission is to furnish those in need of its services with quality pre-hospital care consistent with the highest standards of emergency medical treatment. MAVAC provides ALS and BLS ambulance service across a 135 square mile coverage area to the residents of Marathon, Lapeer, Freetown, Willet, Virgil and Lisle, as well as mutual aid to a number of neighboring districts throughout Central NY.


MAVAC operates two NYS-certified ALS ambulances and an ALS fly-car. We are currently based out of the Marathon fire station.

"Excellence in Emergency Medical Services"

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