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New Ambulance Station Building Project

The biggest challenge facing MAVAC today is the lack of adequate space in our current location at the Marathon Fire Station. As MAVAC has grown and expanded over the past twenty-three years, our space needs have dramatically increased with the addition of the rapid response fly-car program, the addition of overnight ALS staff who require proper sleeping accommodations, and the additional space needed for expanded training requirements, equipment storage, and properly stored controlled substances. The construction of a new ambulance station within the Village, located only one block from the current Marathon Fire Station, has numerous advantages:

  • Bays for all three of our MAVAC EMS vehicles with room for future expansion for anticipated growth 

  • Separate, safe, and comfortable sleeping quarters for our overnight EMS staff that are respectful of their privacy and provide access to adjacent bathroom and shower facilities

  • Proper storage space for medical equipment and supplies, as well as secured storage for our controlled substances used on the ambulances

  • Ideal location for the new station that is centralized within our EMS coverage area, allows for easy access to Interstate 81 which is the main traffic artery to our various hospital destinations and is located well above the FEMA-designated flood zone

  • The Marathon Fire Department will have the opportunity to reclaim the space within the fire station that MAVAC currently occupies without the need for any additional building or renovation costs or complications resulting from the new FEMA flood map restrictions

space crunch.jpg

Our three MAVAC EMS vehicles are currently sandwiched into truck bays that were designed for only two vehicles. This often requires moving equipment prior to being able to respond with the ALS fly-car in some cases.

MAVAC station image.jpg

A draft drawing of a new ambulance station building that features two double-depth ambulance bays, bunkrooms for overnight staff, modern bathroom/shower facilities, a training classroom, full kitchen/day room, and plenty of storage for EMS supplies.

Future home pic.jpg

In June 2021, the Board of Directors voted to purchase a parcel of land located at 15 Broome Street in the Village of Marathon as the future home of a new ambulance station for MAVAC. We are actively engaged in fundraising and welcome your donations!

"Excellence in Emergency Medical Services"

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